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Wall of tears by author David Kerr. In-store event on 7 August at 11am.

You are invited to an author talk by David Kerr!

“David Kerr has successfully straddled that most bitter of divides, the Israel-Palestine imbroglio, to create a novel of both warmth and wisdom,” he said. “Told through the eyes of Uri, the son of a Holocaust survivor,  Wall of Tearsexplores the creation of modern Israel at a human level, through the experiences of a Jewish family and their Arab neighbours. There is conflict, love, betrayal, loss and a shattering conclusion – essential elements of a compelling read. And through it all there is a sense that the author has a deep understanding of and respect for the history and complex issues that continue to rob Israelis and Palestinians of peaceful co-existence.”  Nick Hartgerink (writer)

Abdiel and Maya, both Polish Jews, survive the horrors of the Holocaust and, in 1948, settle into kibbutz life in the emerging State of Israel. Their lives become intertwined with a Palestinian Arab family, bringing both happiness and heartbreak as religions and cultures clash and forbidden passions rage.

At the Wailing Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem, Abdiel sheds a single silent tear created by his dark past. His son, Uri, upset by his papa’s pain, questions his distress, only to be met with silence. As the years pass, Abdiel’s inability to speak of his torment has a profound impact on his family. Uri embarks on a medical career and an impossible love, while his brother takes the path of a soldier.

Set in the tumultuous history of Israel/Palestine, this multi-generational novel takes the reader to the heart of the complexity and intensity of this ancient conflict.

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