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As a family-owned local business with years of experience in the book industry, we love to share our passion for reading, all things books, and supporting Australian and local authors. Our staff are experts at matching customers up with their new favourite novel and making sure you leave with the perfect item every time!

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Here at Red Kangaroo Books, we are dedicated to bringing you the best of what Australia has to offer. Our store offers a wide range of books and DVDs on Indigenous cultures, languages, and history. We also have a carefully curated selection of books by international authors. making our collection one-of-a kind! We offer you the opportunity to take your knowledge in new directions with diverse local and Australian literature.

If we don’t have something specific that you’re looking for, ask our team and we will make every effort possible to get it to you!

Supporting Local Authors

Author of Finding the Heart of the Nation and Finding our Heart

Thomas Mayor

Thomas Mayor is a Torres Strait Islander man born on Larrakia country in Darwin that became one of the first ever Torres Strait Islander authors to have a book published for the general trade

Supporting independent bookshops is vital to our enjoyment of books. They are the lifeblood of the industry, because while authors create, independent bookshops disperse and more, they understand a readers needs. You can never underestimate the value of local knowledge at a bookstore.
Author of Walking with Camels and Malcolm

Leni Shilton

Leni Shilton is a poet, educator and researcher from Alice Springs. She has a PhD in creative writing.

Red Kangaroo Books has always promoted and supported writing from central Australia. With a wide selection of specialized books, book launches, events, and being the book seller for writer’s festivals, it has firmly established itself as a literary hub in Alice Springs. When my first book Walking with camels was published in 2018, Bronwyn actively supported my work by talking about it to people who were wondering what to buy. The book has become a bestseller in the UWAP Poetry Series.
Author of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

Holly Ringland

After wanting to be a writer since she was three years old, Holly’s debut novel The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart was published in 2018 when she was 37 years old, and has since become an international bestseller.

In the heart of the country, in the heart of Mparntwe/Alice Springs, is Red Kangaroo bookshop. With its iconic red-dirt-hue painted door and shelves pulsing with stories, local and global alike, Red Kangaroo is a humble, beloved haven in the desert that offers solace and refuge - the kind only found in books - to every curious passerby, wayward traveller, and avid reader. Or in my case, dreamer. I was lucky enough to live remotely in the western desert for a number of years; Red Kangaroo became an integral part of my world there. On every road trip to Mparntwe, I made sure to walk through Red Kangaroo’s painted door, to browse the book shelves, to fill my shopping bag, and soul. Back then, my dream of becoming an author was still unwritten. More than a decade on, I returned to the desert in 2020; revisiting Red Kangaroo, seeing my first novel on the shelves there was a homecoming. That’s the power of books, and the gift local indie bookshops like Red Kangaroo give to readers, and writers. Thank you Bronwyn, Joanna and the Red Kangaroo team for being the welcoming heart you are in the Mparntwe community, and supporting diverse voices and stories in the impassioned ways you do. See you again soon.
Author of Alice to Prague, an Alice Girl and Beyond Alice

Tanya Heaslip

Tanya Heaslip is a lawyer and published author from Alice Springs. Tanya grew up on a working cattle station in Central Australia.

I absolutely LOVE my local bookshop 'Red Kangaroo' in Alice Springs - and cannot emphasise more highly the importance of local bookshops everywhere. They are the core of a community, a safe centre for readers and writers to gather and nourish their need for connection, a place where people can come and browse and talk and feed their souls with stories. Local bookshops around Australia were never more important than during Covid last year, and in particular ‘Red Kangaroo’ rose to the occasion, focused on caring for our community above all, keeping us sane and nurtured and hopeful. We are the lucky ones. Long live local bookshops - and especially long live ‘Red Kangaroo’ !

This is the best bookstore I have been to. They are professional and polite. They have a good generic range considering their small size while also specialising in Australian books

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Absolutely love visiting Red Kangaroo Books! It's not just a bookshop it's an experience! there are titles here that are hard to find and unique from what you'd expect in a usual bookshop. Red Kangaroo Books is well worth a visit!

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Fascinating range of Indigenous and local books. Well worth a visit

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Brilliant little bookshop filled with books you wouldn't typically find elsewhere. Perfect for a souvenir or a trip down Australia's oft forgotten memory lane.

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