Earthsea: The First Four Books by Ursula Le Guin

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ISBN: 9780141370538
Author: Ursula Le Guin
Publisher: Puffin
Format: Paperback

One of the greatest fantasy sequences of our time from an inspirational author.

A superb four-part fantasy, comparable with the work of Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, the Earthsea books follow the fortunes of the wizard Ged from his childhood to an age where magic is giving way to evil.
As a young dragonlord, Ged, whose use-name is Sparrowhawk, is sent to the island of Roke to learn the true way of magic. A natural magician, Ged becomes an Archmage and helps the High Priestess Tenar escape from the labyrinth of darkness. But as the years pass, true magic and ancient ways are forced to submit to the powers of evil and death ...
'One of the literary greats of the 20th century' Margaret Atwood
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