Oppy: The Life of Sir Hubert Opperman by Daniel Oakman

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ISBN: 9781925556247
Author: Daniel Oakman
Publisher: Melbourne Books
Format: Paperback
Edition: 2018
This meticulously researched biography gives readers a thrilling insight into the brutal world of professional cycling and an intimate portrait of an extraordinary Australian.

Hubert 'Oppy' Opperman was a sporting icon, a cycling phenomenon whose epic feats of endurance captivated the cycling world. For over two decades, he dominated almost every race he entered and shattered record after record in Australia and Great Britain. In 1928, he led the first Australasian team to ever contest the Tour de France.

But Oppy was more than a just a champion. During the Great Depression, a time of painful economic and social change, he became a transcendent symbol of Australian fortitude. He became a household name, a legend - as popular as the cricketer Don Bradman and the racehorse Phar Lap. Until now, Oppy has never been the subject of a complete biography.

By peeling away decades of mythology, Daniel Oakman tells Opperman's story like never before. As well as vividly retelling his sporting triumphs, this book is the first to consider the legacy of Opperman's post-cycling career. It explores the emotional pain of his private life, the controversies that dogged his seventeen-year political career, including his term as Minister of Immigration in the Menzies Government and the remarkable and far-reaching changes he helped bring to Australian immigration policy

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