Our Members Be Unlimited

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An original and visually powerful exploration of unionism.

In our current political climate, people are looking for answers - and alternatives. The promise of unions is that their 'members be unlimited'- that they don't belong to the rich, the powerful, or special interests, but to all workers.

How did the idea of unionism arise? Where has it flourished? And what are its challenges in the 21st century? From Britain to Bangladesh, from the first union of the 18th century to today, from solidarity in Walmart China to his own experiences in an Amazon warehouse in Melbourne, comics journalist Sam Wallman explores the urge to come together and cooperate that arises again and again in workers and workplaces everywhere.

With a dynamic and distinctive art style, and writing that's both thoughtful and down to earth, Our Members Be Unlimited serves as an entry point for young people or those new to these notions of collective action, but also as an invigorating read to those already engaged in the struggle for better working conditions - and a better world.

'Sam Wallman's comic is history and argument, it is celebration and reflection, and with every turn of its beautiful, vivid pages it is a reminder of the galvanising power of radical solidarity and of radical love. This book is a gift, it's exhilarating.'
-Christos Tsiolkas, author of The Slap

'In a narrative that moves from trade-union history to his own efforts organising in an Amazon warehouse, Sam Wallman draws honest, unsentimental portraits of the working class that was and the working class that is. Most of all, he shares a vision of the working class that could be, depicting the everyday decency of ordinary people as the only hope for a world in crisis. Funny, tender, and wise, this book both delights and inspires.'
-Jeff Sparrow, author of Crimes Against Nature

'Our Members Be Unlimited is a beautiful and often moving guide to union organising that's in touch with the reality of work today. Sam Wallman draws on the history of working-class resistance and the humanism at the heart of our movement to guide and give heart to activists.'
-Bhaskar Sunkara, founding editor of Jacobin magazine

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