Storm Warning - Book 1

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Written by Lauren Boyle, Illustrated by Alyssa Mason.
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ISBN: 9780648928003
Author: Lauren Boyle and Alyssa Masson
Publisher: Indigenous Literacy Foundation
Format: Paperback
Edition: 2021
Storm Warning is an adventure story for our times. It is a wake-up call to pay attention to what Earth is telling us through unprecedented weather patterns. This story entangles natural and human-made disasters stretching back from the British nuclear tests at Maralinga to a massively destructive storm in the present day. The main characters, two teenage friends, and their pet dog, are left to outwit 'mutants' - who have been unwittingly released through a chain of catastrophic and unheeded events. This first book ends on a frightening scene leaving readers on tenterhooks.
Lauren's family is from Alice Springs. She now lives in Adelaide with her father and younger siblings. She loves to write stories about dark fantasy/ dystopian fiction and apocalyptic worlds. She has always loved reading and writing as 'it's a good way to get my head off things and just relax'. Her family is Arrernte and Jingili.

Alyssa was born in Alice Springs and lives with her family. Her family is from Waluwarra in Queensland and the APY lands. She started to draw seriously when she was eight years old. Her love of Anime and Shonen Manga, fantasy and comedy books and movies influences how she writes and draws. Her parents and friends are great supporters, helping her to follow her dream of creating graphic novels.

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