Tin Mosques & Ghantowns by Christine Stevens

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ISBN: 9780958176002
Author: Christine Stevens
Format: Paperback

Tin Mosques and Ghan towns covers one hundred and thirty neglected years of Australian history, for fifty years of which the camel trains criss-crossed the continent, carrying the necessities of life, and some few of its luxuries, to settlements in the isolated interior. Throughout those years the turbaned camel drivers, exotically dressed and often fragrant with the oils and perfumes of the East, fought a bitter battle for the inland cartage trade with the quintessential symbol of outback adventure, the bullocky. Christine Stevens has recreated the story of the Afghan camel men, their wives and their families, from a wealth of unpublished sources. Supplemented by over one hundred rare and original photographs, the result is a mixture of adventure, courage, villainy, tragedy, high romance and low humour. No one with an interest in Australian history should miss it.

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