Tough, Tantalizing or Tasty Stories about Australian Desert Plants by Peter Latz

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These stories are about Australian desert plants, their habits and habitats and the tough, tantalizing or tasty characteristics they use to survive. They tell of Peter's great respect for Aboriginal people's knowledge and use of plants, of the significant work undertaken with and by fellow botanical scientists and of the adventures he has had as he criss-crossed his beloved desert many times. Most importantly, they encourage us to appreciate and look after our amazing Australian desert.

In essence, this book reveals glimpses of Peter's extraordinary life, a life that has made him one of Australia's leading experts on Australian desert plants and their response to the environment in which they grow.

"There is no one like him. Latzy is a keen observer and deep thinker, with a mind formed under unique circumstances...I'm not altogether exaggerating when I say he can think like a white man, like an Aranda man, and like a plant." Tim Low, 2021

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