Writers' Festival 2021

NTWF 2021 | August 26-29 | Anpernirrentye | Everything is connected

The theme for this year’s Festival is Anpernirrentye | Everything is connected, and the Writers Centre is rolling out further announcements before the full program is announced in July. As the Writers Centre tells us:

Our theme draws from the Arrernte concept of anpernirrentye, the Arrernte relationship system, which describes the way in which everything is connected to everything else – people, animals, land, language and culture. Last year our interconnectedness with the larger web of life was illuminated like never before, as we reckoned with firestorms, floods and a global pandemic, and felt the fragility of the systems we depend upon. This festival we bring our minds to anpernirrentye and the connections between all things.

Authors currently announced are Laura Jean McKay, Omar Sakr, Karen Rogers, Mark McKenna, Alice Pung, Craig Silvey, Nardi Simpson and Rick Morton


The Lost Arabs by Omar Sakr
The Lost Arabs by Omar Sakr
The Lost Arabs by Omar Sakr
NT Writers' Festival Guest and Speaker